Track 1

Rooms 500-502

08:00 – 09:00


09:10 – 09:30
WELCOME  – Lord Mayor of Dublin, Caroline Conroy

09:35 – 10:15
“A Journey From Complexity To Observability” Danilo Poccia, AWS Chief Evangelist EMEA (Keynote)

10:15 – 10:25MORNING BREAK

10:25 – 11:05
“Advanced Event-Driven Patterns With Amazon Eventbridge” Sheen Brisals, LEGO

11:10 – 11:45
“Amazon CodeWhisperer – Your AI Coding Companion” – John Murphy, PRESIDIO

11:55 – 12:30
“NLP Use Cases, Data Governance and the GenAI Marketplace” – Oren Steinberg, AWS

12:35 – 13:10
“Staying Ahead of the Storm! Accelerating High Performance Financial Modelling with Serverless”
Peter Elger, FOURTHEOREM & Colum Thorne, RenaissanceRe

13:10 – 13:50  – LUNCH

13:50 – 14:25
“Building bridges & roads in the last decade in Cloud” – Heitor Lessa, AWS

14:30 – 15:10
The AI FRONTIER: Innovation, Ethics, and the Rise of Intelligent Machines” – PANEL Discussion
Oren Steinberg, Francis Flannery, Peter Elger

15:15 – 15:50
“The role of AI and AWS in Building Next Generation Assistive Applications” – Kyran O’Mahoney, NCBI

15:55 – 16:30
“Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Innovation: How Transfermate became Irelands latest Unicorn by building on AWS” – Jonathan D’Arcy, Cloud Sales Principal Presidio and Jay Ross Head of Cloud and Platform Engineering, Transfermate


Track 2

Room 503

09:10 – 11:50

13:50 – 14:25
“Chaos engineering for serverless with AWS Fault Injection Simulator”, Gunnar Grosch, AWS

14:30 – 15:10
The AI FRONTIER: Innovation, Ethics, and the Rise of Intelligent Machines” – PANEL Discussion featuring Oren Steinberg, Francis Flannery, Peter Elger

15:15 – 15:50
“Accelerating Towards a Serverless-First Organisation” – David Anderson

15:55 – 16:30
“AWS Cloud Computing for Early Careers: From Zero to Cloud Hero” – Rachel Howard & Pulkit Bahl




Track 3
Community Village
Rooms 504-517

“Using AWS Resilience Hub to monitor resilient architectures”*

Registration for this workshop is via the whiteboard outside room 513

Stop by any of these rooms, check the whiteboard schedule and join in the conversation or schedule your own 15 minutes of cloud fame!



504 – Presidio

505 – FourTheorem

506 – NCBI – Innovation in Assistive Technologies

507 – Artificial Intelligence/ML – Meet Oren Steinberg and other AI experts

508 – Tech Slam – Impromptu 5 Minute Talks with Q&A – No Laptops/Phones or Mics Just People

510 – Careers – Starting off your career in Cloud? Stop by and have a chat!

511 – Startups – Founders have no shortage of topics to talk about!

512 – Speaker Room – Speakers will use this room for breakout sessions or extended Q&A

513 – Workshop Room – Register for the Workshop using the whiteboard outside the room. Workshop spaces are limited and so are offered on a First Come First Served basis only!

514 – Green Room

515 – Sustainability – Find out all about it!

516 – AWS Ask An Architect

517 – AWS Ask An Architect


Thanks to our Headline Sponsor Presidio and to our Associate Sponsor FourTheorem for their support in making this event happen. Sponsorship keeps the ticket price low and helps us cover our conference costs. Please show your support to both these companies during the conference! 

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Evolution of Cloud Driven Organisational Dynamics

12:35 – Innovation fueled by Architecture

Innovations fueled by Architecture. Building bridges and roads in the last decade in Cloud

Architecture choices and Cloud deeply influenced how teams and processes led to faster time to market. In the last decade, many organizations shifted away from silos between engineering and operational teams to semi to autonomous teams. We’ve seen the birth of the Automation Engineer in 2015s to help organizations make more efficient use of the Cloud, now grown as Platform Engineering.

In the late 2016s, as more organizations adopted microservices, the decision-making process became more decentralized, and with its growth, they learned to focus more on community building, creating supporting roles, and providing company-wide direction to avoid repeating past mistakes. With Serverless and Team Topologies joint in the 2020s, we’ve seen a new era of teams getting smaller yet more robust and adaptable to changes in the business.

 In this session, you’ll learn through real-life examples why and how teams changed over the years to deliver value faster and safely, how they built bridges to connect pragmatism and innovation, and how they built roads to remove silos between functions. You’ll learn from battle tested lessons on how teams around the world are solving these issues and give you a head start to the next decade.


Limited Tickets – May 25th

Systemized Optimization

09:35: Gain New Insights into Cloud Performance

A Journey from Complexity to Observability

Managing the inherent complexity of software from development to production presents a significant challenge. Drawing insights from complexity theory, we explore how dependencies can lead to unexpected effects in software applications. By employing well-bounded components and smart design patterns, we can mitigate these dependencies and promote loose coupling. Given the vast array of interacting components in modern applications, we have to make sure applications are not just working, but also easy to understand and track. Join us to learn more about how to turn complexity into clarity.

– Danilo Poccia



Keeping Ahead of the Storm

09:35: “Accelerating High Performance Financial Modeling with Serverless”

Keeping Ahead of the Storm. Accelerating High Performance Financial Modeling with Serverless. 

Risk modelling is a critical capability for many enterprises, particularly so for the (Re)insurance industry. Traditionally this activity was considered the domain of on-premise High-Performance Compute (HPC) clusters. In this session, we share how leading global reinsurer RenaissanceRe transformed their risk modelling workloads by re-architecting their solutions using a serverless first mindset on AWS. Learn how the company was able to free itself from on-premise hardware constraints and dynamically scale up modelling operations to successfully navigate its way through Hurricane Ian, the third costliest weather disaster on record.

-Peter & Colum


Moderated by AWS Heroes

Conference content is curated by leading AWS advocates who have been recognised and awarded by the global
AWS Community Hero program.

Supercharge Your Coding

11:10 – Do more, faster. Unleash the Power of AI


Limited Tickets – May 25th

Deepen Your Understanding

11:55am – Explore the new frontiers of AWS Cloud

Limited Tickets – May 25th

Drop-In Rooms

Venues within a Venue. Check the Schedule outside…and Drop In!

Conferences, at times, can be perceived as anonymous and impersonal events. While this quality can have its merits, there is great value in seeking out human interactions.

Drop-In Rooms are designed to facilitate great conversations. Check out the schedule on the white board outside and then…Drop In! 



Limited Tickets – May 25th


10:25 – “Advanced Event-Driven Patterns With Amazon EventBridge”

Advanced Event-Driven Patterns With Amazon EventBridge

Streamlining microservices communication has always been confusing and proving challenging for serverless engineers. Amazon EventBridge alleviates these concerns and offers a unified approach to employ even-driven computing. The combination of cloud, serverless, and microservices has taken service implementation to a different level. Though this has accelerated the monolith to microservices transformation, it has also introduced new complexities around the service to service communication. Though AWS services such as SNS, SQS, and others helped to some extent, they failed to offer a flexible way to enable filtered routing of messages between microservices.

Amazon EventBridge makes its mark in alleviating many of these concerns. With its flexible and powerful message filtering capability, services can have a renewed way of performing event-driven communication between them. This talk will look at some of the latest developments in EventBridge and the advanced patterns that take event-driven computing to the next level.

 – Sheen Brisals





Danilo Poccia

Danilo Poccia

AWS Chief Evangelist, EMEA

Danilo is a leading industry figure who utilizes his expertise to aid individuals and businesses with their innovation endeavours. As the Chief Evangelist (EMEA) at AWS, he focuses on serverless architectures and event-driven programming, along with the technical and commercial implications of machine learning and edge computing.

Sheen Brisals

Sheen Brisals

Engineer, LEGO, AWS Serverless Hero

Sheen is an AWS Serverless Hero. In his current role at The LEGO Group, Sheen guides engineering teams to architect and build serverless solutions. Sheen has held several positions at leading software organizations over his long career. He is very passionate about serverless and loves sharing knowledge with the community. He talks about serverless at conferences around the world.

Oren Steinberg

Oren Steinberg

Head of Machine Learning & AI at AWS EMEA

Helping companies on Machine Learning journeys.
Rachel Howard

Rachel Howard

Associate Solutions Architect, AWS

Rachel holds a BSc General Nursing from University College Cork, MSc International Business from Munster Technological University and later completed at HDip Computer Science University College Dublin. Previous to her current role at AWS, Rachel worked as a Solutions Engineer at SolarWinds, specializing in IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software, for approximately one year. Prior to that, Rachel dedicated four years to business development and recruitment roles, contributing to companies such as Hays Recruitment, Amazon, and Nitro Software

Eoin Shanaghy

Eoin Shanaghy

CTO, FourTheorem

Eoin is a seasoned technology leader, architect and developer with experience in building and scaling systems for dynamic startups and large enterprises. In addition to his day job as CTO of fourTheorem, Eoin is a published Author of ‘AI as a Service’, and the co-host of the popular ‘AWS Bites’ Podcast.

Heitor Lessa

Heitor Lessa

Principle Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Heitor Lessa is a Principal Solutions Architect at the AWS Developer Acceleration EMEA team. He created Well-Architected Serverless Lens (2017) and AWS Lambda Powertools (2020) to help customers learn and implement best practices. Heitor attended the very first AWS User Group meetup Dublin in 2013 and soon afterwards Heitor joined AWS.

David Anderson

David Anderson

Engineer and Author

Author of ‘The Flywheel Effect – ‘Power the Future and Accelerate your Organisation to the Modern Cloud’. David is Architect with Director of IT for Liberty Information Technology, David was responsible for technical leadership and driving technical strategy. 

John Murphy

John Murphy

Principle Solutions Architect, Presidio

John has 15 years experience across a number of companies and projects, both large and small; public and private. Equally as comfortable in a startup type environment as in enterprise development, John enjoys going from both big picture architecture to rolling his sleeves up and fixing bugs (often in the same meeting).

Peter Elger

Peter Elger

CEO, FourTheorem

Peter has over 25 years of experience in various fields of the IT industry, including nuclear fusion, software disaster recovery, telecommunications, and social media, both in research and commercial sectors.

Peter has published two books: “AI as a Service” and “Node Cookbook: Actionable solutions for the full spectrum of Node.js 8 development, 3rd Edition.”

Kyran O'Mahoney

Kyran O'Mahoney

CTO, National Council for the Blind

Kyran, a visionary leader at the NCBI, drives technical innovation and shares his inspiring journey of leveraging technology to overcome visual impairment. Through his role, he passionately empowers individuals with sight loss, helping them harness the potential of technology to enhance their lives.

Pulkit Bahl

Pulkit Bahl

Associate Solutions Architect, AWS

Pulkit Bahl is a dynamic professional with a strong educational background. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Application from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU), India, and a Masters in Business Information and Analytics Systems from University College Cork (UCC), Ireland. With 2 years of experience at Infosys as an IT Operations Executive, he has developed a solid foundation in the industry. Currently, Pulkit serves as an Associate Solutions Architect at Amazon (AWS), where he leverages his expertise to provide innovative solutions to clients.

Colum Thorne

Colum Thorne

Engineer, RenaissanceRe

Colum is VP Platform Architecture at RenaissanceRe and is a regular speaker at tech events domestically and internationally.  Colum previously worked with Bearingpoint.

Why Attend?


AWS BUILDING, 2 Charlemont Street, Saint Kevin’s, DUBLIN 2, D02 F6X6
2 Mins Walk from Harcourt Street Luas

From Zero to Cloud Hero

15:55  Start Your Career In Cloud Computing Here

This session will be useful for anyone who is curious about breaking into cloud computing and wants to see a demonstration of AWS services in action. The talk will be presented by two people early in their cloud career who have recently completed a career acceleration program called Tech U at AWS. This session is about their story , how they got to AWS and how Tech U helped them develop skills to be able to now join the team in a technical role as an AWS Solutions Architect. They will discuss what they have learned during the 6 months of Tech U followed by a Q and A session where you are welcome to ask them anything about their journey / early careers at AWS.

Rachel & Pulkit

Unlock Abilities, Transform Lives

15:00 Assistive Technologies, AWS and AI 


When members of the Community come together, extraordinary things happen. Take a look at these images from past events, which capture some of these exceptional moments.