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On October 13th the AWS Community in Ireland is running a fully immersive virtual event, covering the hottest AWS topics of the day including Serverless, Machine Learning, AI, AWS Outposts and lots more.

Sponsored by Red Hat and Version 1, this year’s conference is a free 100% Virtual event.

Stop by and attend hands-on workshops, technical deep dives and roundtable discussions on the hottest topics of the day. 


Attendance is FREE
however…. tickets are limited.

And no, this is NOT a Zoom Webinar 🙂

Register Now and join us on 13th October, 2020


Here it is!

10.00 – 10.40


10.00 AM – Ronán Ó Caollaí, AWS User Group
10.10 AM – Mark Dunleavy, AWS 
10.20 AM – Keith Lynch – Red Hat
10.30 AM – Karen Murphy – Version 1

10.50 – 11.30

The Journey to DevOps: It’s not just about the pipeline!

Oisín de Conduin, Practice Lead, Digital & Cloud Solutions, Version 1

11.40 – 12.10

Build a faster, seamless hybrid cloud experience with Red Hat on AWS

Simon Briggs, Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

12.20 – 12.50

Top 10 Technical Strategies to AVOID as a Startup!

Brian Scanlan, Senior Systems Engineer, INTERCOM

13.00 – 13.30

Building and marketing an open source serverless product from scratch with zero budget!

Matt Coulter, Architect, LIBERTY IT

13.40 – 14.10

AI as a Service – the fast track to AI with Serverless!

Peter Elger, CEO fourTheorem

14.20 – 14.50

Knock it out of the park with Alexa. Building a commercial voice service.

Alan Kiernan (Cation) & Sophie Hind (Voiceworks)

15.00 -15.30

Securing DevSecOps with Cloudguard

Stuart Green, Cloud Architect, Checkpoint

15.40 – 16:10

I Build Space Apps in the Cloud

Fig O'Reilly, Regional Director, NASA


AWS Developer Tools Special
David Isbitski, Principle Developer Advocate, AWS


JEFF BARR, VP AWS (Closing Keynote)

Innovation, Technology and the Power of Community

10.50 - 12.50



'AI As a Service'

Peter Elger,
Eoin Shanaghy of 

>>AI as a Service
Building a Serverless Cat Detection System 

In this 2-Hour workshop we will build a serverless image recognition system on AWS. The system will use a number of AWS technologies including S3, Lambda, SQS and Amazons image recognition AI service Rekognition.


- A development machine with Docker installed 
- An AWS account

Peter Elger & Eoin Shanaghy of

13.00 - 13.30

(Round Table Discussion)

Chair: Anna Kuzma, AM AWS Startups

How to Scale a Startup on AWS

A conversation about scaling your startup with AWS

Anna Kuzma – AM AWS Startups (Chair)


Brian Scanlan – Principal Systems Engineer Intercom
Alessandro Prest – CTO Visua

John Doran – CTO Phorest 

Sean Judge – Senior BD AWS Startups Ireland

Roz Gibson – AM AWS Startups

14.20 - 14.50

'Sagemaker - Right Here Right Now'

JULIEN SIMON, AWS Global AI & ML Evangelist


- Right Here Right Now!

Machine Learning Workshop

In this workshop, you'll become familiar with Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed AWS service for machine learning.

After a short intro on the service itself, we'll fire up a notebook instance providing us with a ready to go Jupyter environment.

Then, we'll run several notebooks, showing you how to build, train, and deploy models using built-in algorithms and open source frameworks.

Of course, we'll answer as many questions as possible.

Attendees need to have an AWS account.

They also should be reasonably familiar with Python, Jupyter, as well as simple ML workflows.

Basic knowledge on core AWS services (regions, EC2, S3, IAM) is also recommended

Julien Simon, AWS Global AI & ML Evangelist

10.50 - 11.30

Building reliable Serverless applications

Gunnar Grosch, AWS Hero, Evangelist & Community Builder

11.40 - 12.10

Error handling processing high throughput in complex scenarios using Kinesis / Lambda 

Marcelo Flores Manrique, Senior Software Engineer, VERIZON

12.20 - 12.50

Reach everywhere, Optimize with Direct Connect, Outpost and Platform Equinix

Christophe Laudou, Global Solutions Architect, EQUINIX

13.00 - 13.30

Red Hat - Demo - Managed RED HAT OpenShift on AWS

Simon Briggs, Senior Solutions Architect, Red Hat

13.40 - 14.10

A Sentiment Analysis Sweet Machine and other amazing solutions using AWS IoT 

Laura Hyatt, Solutions Architect, AWS

14.20 - 14.50

What to build with Amazon Managed Blockchain

Lana Kalashnyk, Global Partner Technology Lead Blockchain

15.40 - 16.10

Multi account deployment pipelines

Ronan Prenty, Solutions Architect, AWS

16.20 - 16.50

AWS Outposts, Simplify and Protect Your AWS Outposts Deployment 

Rob Czarnecki, Product Manager Outpost, AWS

Moderated by AWS Heroes

Conference content is curated by leading AWS advocates who have been recognised and awarded by the global
AWS Community Hero program.


As a community-led conference we rely on our sponsors’ support for this community event.


Meet well-known leaders, experts and pioneers from the world of AWS. Get their takes on the latest AWS innovations. Ask questions, learn.... and be inspired! 

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr


Jeff is VP and
Chief Evangelist of AWS.


Fionnghuala O'Reilly

Fionnghuala O'Reilly

Regional Director, NASA

Fionnghuala is a NASA Datanaut
and Director of the agency's Space Apps programme.


Keith Lynch

Keith Lynch

Country Manager Red Hat

Keith heads up Red Hat in Ireland. Keith believes that Open Source principles applied to culture can be as much a catalyst for change in people and process as they are when applied to technology. 

Alan Kiernan

Alan Kiernan

CTO, Co-founder Cation Consulting

AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer, Certified Scrum Master, AWS SME, AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

Delivering Across: Cloud Systems & Solutions Engineering, Performance Engineering, Operations, Voice & Conversational AI.

Dave Isbitski

Dave Isbitski

Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

Formerly Chief Evangelist for Alexa & Echo at Amazon, Dave recently made the move to AWS, a new role to which he brings passion for Developer Advocacy, DevOps, Dev Tools, and Cloud.


Oisín de Condúin

Oisín de Condúin

Practice Lead - Digital & Cloud Solutions, Version 1

Oisín is a well known figure in the AWS ecosystem in Ireland and the UK and leads Version 1's Digital and Cloud Solutions practice.  


Laura Hyatt

Laura Hyatt

Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Laura is a Solutions Architect at AWS with a focus on IoT.  and 
can often be found making weird and wonderful IoT demos.
Laura previously worked as a senior consultant in Cloud Engineering with Deloitte.

Julien Simon

Julien Simon

Global AI & Machine Learning Evangelist, AWS

As a Global AI & Machine Learning Evangelist, Julien focuses on helping developers and enterprises bring their ideas to life. A recently published author, Julien frequently speaks at conferences, blogs on the AWS Blog and Medium, and runs an AI/ML podcast

Gunnar Grosch

Gunnar Grosch

AWS Serverless Hero

With a focus on building reliable and robust serverless applications, Gunnar has been one of the driving forces in creating techniques and tools for using chaos engineering in serverless. He regularly and passionately speaks at events on these and other serverless topics around the world.

Lana Kalashnyk

Lana Kalashnyk

Global Partner Technology Lead Blockchain at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Lana works with the world's leading blockchain and dlt technology and consulting partners to provide production ready solutions for AWS customers worldwide.


Czarnecki, Rob

Czarnecki, Rob

Principal Product Manager, AWS Outposts

Rob is a technology leader and builder who draws on over 15 years experience working in leading technologies. As Principal Product Manager for AWS Outposts Rob oversees one of the most exciting additions to the AWS suite of enterprise services.

Eoin Shanaghy

Eoin Shanaghy

CTO at FourTheorem

Eoin is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and CTO of Fourtheorem, a new breed of software consultancy focused on cloud architecture, devops, and artificial intelligence. A recent co-author of 'AI as a Service' Eoin designs solutions that enables customers to be leaders in the fourth wave of industrialization.

Would you like to speak, or host a workshop? Answer the Call for Papers here.

Why Attend?


Event Overview

The AWS Community Dublin is the most engaged IT Community in the country with over 7,000 members and regular community events. This event is open to 1,000 members during the course of the day and so make sure you register to book your seat.  

AWS Talks & Roundtables

Deep Dives, Insightful Talks & Conversations
by AWS industry leaders, pioneers, influencers and innovators. 

AWS Workshops

A number of 2-Hour practical workshops covering Serverless Application Development & Machine Learning in the Enterprise.
You’ll need a laptop and a commitment to building something awesome!


Want to grow a Startup using AWS? Have questions about AWS & the Enterprise? Wondering how to build a career as an AWS engineer? Our Mentors have all the answers – and so will you!